Arnaud Delporte-Fontaine

Arnaud Delporte-Fontaine born June 1975 is a french novelist, script writer, script doctor, director and occultist. He crafted his skills during his days as slave laboring for the world company: rewriting for media journalism and teaching in public school. He sustained his skills spending his nights in the nineteenth century taverns of Paris. His works; instinctive, dreamlike, and commited; include movie scripts “Open Space”, “Les anges déçus” from novelist Catherine Locandro, “Le jardin de Lilith”, and the musical comedy “Maximilien Kolbe”. He directed two short movies: “Système A”, and “Song to the siren”.

He is columnist for FHM, Brazil, Chroniques des Fontaines, and Système A.

He is the author of initiatory and nightmarish novel “Rémy rêve” published in 2011.

His second novel, « Système A« , is released on 21 august 2014 for the autumn’s new titles.


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Bertille Delporte-Fontaine

Bertille Delporte-Fontaine born January 1981 is a french author, director, designer, actress and singer. She learnt her art during her modeling and acting years on stage. Later, she improved her talents working as a press agent for Parisian agencies. She is nicknamed the “house of ideas”, as a result of her infinite concepts a minute. Her works; graceful, poetic and passionate; include movie scripts “Marion nous Louis”, “Lunettes noires”, and trilogy “Marianne, Liberté Egalité Fraternité”. She directed the short movie “Lettre(s) à M” prolog of “Marion nous Louis”.

She illustrated in 2011 “Rémy rêve” and film posters.

She illustrates in 2014 the cover of french novel  « Système A » and creates the new website of les éditions Daphnis et Chloé.

She is columnist for Chroniques des Fontaines and Brazil.

She is the author of the famous culinary tale “Contes de la fée Myrtille” published in 2017-2018. On sale on Amazon.

Since 2017, she is also known as the french language wordsmithssinger, Bertille des Fontaines. Her songs are on sale everywhere online (Amazon, Deezer, etc.) You can watch and listen to her singles on Youtube.


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Chinese portrait of les Carpates


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